The Confidence Gap (And How to Play The Part)

There are so many times in life when you just fake it 'til you make it. I remember, years ago, when I wasn't sure if technically, I qualified as a "runner". The word seemed so official. If I slogged my way through a 5K, did that count? If every run was agonizing and I was hiccuping and nauseous by the end, I wasn't a runner, right? But actually, I was. And I am. Here's Why I'm a Runner Three years of cross country practice, dozens of meets, and hundreds of 5-10Ks later, and it's undeniable -- I AM a runner. Sure, I might not be the best. I might not be the fastest. I might not run the farthest or the longest. But I still get out there and pound the pavement day after day after day. So yeah.

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