Heart Healthy Hacks Every Runner Should Know

We all know that running is a great way to stay fit - but how can you make sure your routine is getting you the greatest benefit for your work? Here are three healthy hacks for getting the most out of your body.

Distance Isn’t Everything

Many people think that running extremely long distances is the key to being a good runner and maintaining overall fitness. However, the truth is that running is best in moderation! In fact, excessive endurance exercise can actually cause scarring and damage to your heart, according to an NIH study. So, while we know running is absolutely good for you, ensure that you practice in moderation! Combine running with walking and other exercises to create a full-body fitness plan.

Food is Fuel

Running isn’t just about form or equipment - to be a strong runner you have to take care of every part of your body. Food is one of the most important parts of this whole-body plan. Without adequate hydration and nutrition you may feel fatigued, weak, and be unable to exercise efficiently. To that end, controlling and planning your food intake is the best way to ensure your heart is healthy enough to make the most of your runs.

Besides planning food intake, keeping up to date on the latest science regarding nutrition is another great way to ensure your heart health. The science of nutrition is changing every day. Before, we thought coffee and the caffeine it contains was bad for our heart. However according to this recent study, “regular coffee drinkers have reduced risks of mortality” and could even result in benefits to heart health. Read health news sites and scientific journals to get the drop on the best foods to eat!

Supplement Your Intake

Even once you have your nutrition and hydration plans in place, it can still help to take a supplement to ensure your body is free of antioxidants and ready to benefit from your exercise. There are many different types of supplements you can try - they can range from simple multivitamins to targeted and specific treatments for your muscles and cardiovascular system. Female athletes are often advised to take Calcium and/or Vitamin D supplements to protect bone health. Talk to your doctor and figure out if you need to up your intake of any specific vitamins or minerals to be your healthiest self.

These three heart healthy steps can help sure you are getting the most out of your running and protecting your body for years to come.

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