3 Digital Marketing Hacks for Your Website

With 2018 nearly upon us, it's important to look ahead to uncover emerging industry trends. While there's always something new to be discovered, there are plenty of times when it makes sense to stick with tried and true digital marketing tactics...

Here are three simple digital marketing tips to clean up your site and boost SEO in the coming year.

Perform a Quick Site Review

It's amazing what information you can glean from your website just by doing a quick read-through. You may notice typos, errors, or outdated information that can easily be adjusted. Look for opportunities for interlinking and link to main site pages from within blog posts or vice versa.

Additionally, take advantage of the admin side of your site and see what the built-in SEO tools or plugins reveal (for example, the Yoast SEO WP plugin can give you loads of info about your site).

Maybe you have images that need to be compressed to boost site speed. Maybe you just need a few tweaks to the template to make the site better optimized for mobile users. Maybe you need to turn the bold text in your blog to H2 text. In under an hour, you can review these characteristics of a small or medium-sized website and determine which changes to make right off the bat.

Start Writing Regularly for the Blog or "News" Page

While many business owners don't like the sound of having a "blog" on their site or find they don't have time to update the site regularly, including company news or announcements on the website consistently can have a big impact on overall SEO. If a "blog" doesn't feel like the right fit, call it "Company News" or "Announcements". Just make sure it is a page that can easily be updated with new posts.

I was speaking with the owner of a DC-based athletic training company the other day, and he said he wanted to make blogging a priority in 2018, but he felt like he simply didn't have enough hours in the day to add this to his list of tasks. I argued that he should drop some of the lesser tasks or outsource them to others (taking photos for social media platforms, sending out weekly e-blasts to existing customers, etc.) and focus on writing fresh content that would help drive new business.

You've heard it before, but the saying still holds. Content is king. The more relevant text you are constantly adding to your site, the better Google views it. You're essentially feeding Google the information it needs to rank your site higher in search results and make it easier for people to find you and/or your services.

Ask for Backlinks on Partner or Vendor Sites

This is one of those digital marketing hacks that can be a real win/win for everyone involved. With very little effort, you can send a quick email requesting that any companies you partner with or work alongside link back to you on their site in some way -- and you can do the same for them.

For example, if you own a local business and get regular deliveries from a specific vendor, you might consider asking your contact there to include your company logo (plus link) on a "Clients" page. Or, if your business donates to charity around the holidays, you could ask the charitable organization to include your company name and link on a list of "those who give". DC companies that work with non-profits or government organizations can benefit tremendously from getting their website linked to from .org or .gov websites.

None of these tasks will require more than a couple hours of your time and they are all fairly non-technical ways to improve the SEO of your website. If you have any questions about the tips above, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to chat or explain some of these concepts in more detail.

Happy (almost) New Year!

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